Diseases Of Dyslipidemia

We recommend the use of the Miracle Drinks Anti Ageing (S1). Consume twice a day with 60 ml of the medicine with 60ml of hot water during the morning with an empty stomach between 5 to 7 am and in the evening between 5 to 7 pm or 30 min before dinner. Try this Anti-Ageing drink to see the difference.

This Anti-Ageing Drink can be taken with any allopathic medicines.

Side effects
Till now no side effects have been reported for this Anti-Ageing Drink.

Enhancement of taste and Odour
All the healthy beverages of Miracle drinks products are bitter in taste since it is based on the decoctions of natural herbs, stems, leaves, and barks. Therefore, we recommend you by adding few drops of Lemon Juice and some honey as a taste enhancer. However, if at all any uneasiness occurs during the consumption, start of by drinking 5 ml (one tea spoon), thereafter increase the dosage to 15 ml (one table spoon) to 30 ml through the days.